Sunday, October 31, 2010

Republican Supporters Lack Facts and Common Sense

Now I know what you're thinking "That's a very harsh statement to make there. How dare you insult all of us." Before you come after me with pitch forks and torches (shameless plug for Keith Olbermann's new book) hear me out. Most rural and small town Republicans join the GOP because of the issue of the Second Amendment and gun rights. What the Republicans forgot to tell you was that Democrats don't want to take away your guns, that it's all a big myth conjured up with the NRA to scare you. Take for instance this exchange between Rachel Maddow and some GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller supporters on her recent trip to Alaska.

I couldn't help but laugh at the ignorance of those supporters. I later did a Google search on Eric Holder and the Second Amendment and the only credible article to support their argument was the ban on assult weapons, which is actually a good thing unless you want everyone to walk around with AK47s. Other than that, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Do you get my point yet? Those people have nothing to stand on. Let's look at some other examples shall we?
Next up is the issue of the deficit. Now I'm not an expert at economics, but if I recall, it was President Bush who got us into the mess in the first place. When President Clinton left office, we had a record budget surplus and were on track to pay off our debt within a couple years. Instead President Bush wiped away that surplus in the matter of just a year and ballooned out debt to new levels.

So of course the debt isn't going to magically go away after only two years of President Obama being in office because after all it took President Bush eight years to get us in this mess. It's not as if President Obama can clap is hands and suddenly the economy is perfect again like it was under President Clinton. It's going to take at least eight years to get out of this mess, but the steps President Obama took have set us on the right path. As the famous "bikini graph" shows, there has been a steady growth in job creation since President Obama took office, compared to the millions of jobs lost when President Bush was in power.

I know it might appear that we're haeding back down again these past few months, but that was because there were job losses in the government sector as the Census is over now and state and local governments are laying people off because the stimulus money has run out for them. Which brings me to another lie by the GOP, which is that the stimulus didn't work. Clearly it has based on the graph above, but Republicans will only admit it in writing, praising how the money was able to create new jobs in their districts and states, while going on television, mainly Faux News, saying how it was a failure. Wow, I love the smell of hypocricy in the morning. Just like the healthcare reform bill, another lie that deserves its own entry, they are against anything the president does that they know will work and keep Democrats in power for a long time, which is why they wanted to kill the healthreform bill. If only the voters could see the truth behind the Republican lies, the GOP would go the way of the Whig Party in the 1840s.


  1. You have a good point.

    You point out that when Clinton left office, we had a budget surplus and were on track to pay off our debt.

    Except, you do realize that it is not the President, but rather Congress that issues the budget and authorizes all spending?

    So, what you meant to say was that it was the Republican Congress under Clinton who created a budget surplus. Likewise, when the deficit rose sharply late in Bush's term, it was a Democrat Congress who authorized all the unfunded spending.

    Good point.

  2. Ah Swayze, I suspected this would come from you. You also realize that the President has the final say on the budget and that it was the same Republican Congress that Clinton had that blew away that surplus in the matter of a year once Bush took office. And that large spike when the Democrats took control of Congress is because of that fact Bush had started the snowball effect and once it started, it was hard to stop it. Plus most of that spending comes form the wars, which you and I both know would be disasterous had the funding been cut.

  3. You seem to be making an argument that decries the deficit spending under Bush as "what got us into this", yet praises Obama's larger deficit spending as our only means out.

  4. While I agree with you that increasing the deficit is bad, if you understood basic economics, you would know that deficit spending is a must during a recession because if you all of a sudden stop spending money, the economy would get worse, not better.