Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh the irony...

It's not often I post twice in one day, but being the day after an election prompts this. There has been much talk over the internet and cable news channels about your's and mine favorite half governor Sarah Palin. Now this might not seem like news but the difference is this time that the GOP wants to get rid of Sarah Palin. You heard it right, the Republican Party wants to kick their favorite campaigner out. The reason for this is two fold; Palin's endorsements of certain candidates cost the GOP from taking the Senate and that she doesn't stand a chance against President Obama in 2012 were she to get the Republican nomination.

It would appear that her endorsements have been the kiss of death for certain candidates. Christine O'Donnell in Delware was defeated easily, Sharron Angle was just narrowly defeated by Harry Reid and Joe Miller in her home state of Alaska as of right now is being defeated by write in candidate Lisa Murkowski, whom Miller defeated in the primary. Those three seats alone would have helped make it closer in the Senate, and along with a couple of other losses would have given the Senate to the Republicans. The other aspect of irony is even funnier. Word from various sources are saying that there is a movement among the GOP leaders to find a candidate that can topple Sarah Palin in the primaries. Politico reported that "There is a determined, focused establishment effort … to find a candidate we can coalesce around who can beat Sarah Palin," said one prominent and longtime Washington Republican. "We believe she could get the nomination, but Barack Obama would crush her." Of course Palin is going on the defensive calling this crap, but not naming anyone.

I understand her frustration, but she needs to realize that she has the political kiss of death, starting with the failed campaign of John McCain in 2008. Democrats laugh at her and Republicans shake their heads at her. She is not a viable candidate for national office and needs to realize that. But I love the irony that the GOP has finally realized it.

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