Monday, January 3, 2011

Can't say I didn't see this coming

Since the 112th Congress doesn't start for another couple of days, thought I would take a sanity break and talk some football

Well, the inevtiable happened today, Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini was fired by team president Mike Holmgren. After a dismal 5-11 season that bogged down after a pair of spectacular wins over New Orleans and New England, it's time for Mike Holmgren to really build this team into a true playoff contender. Holmgren came in as team president last year and gave Mangini one more chance to prove himself after a four game win streak capped off last season, including a victory over divisional rival Pittsburgh. This year instead the team lost several games it should have won, including against Buffalo and Cincinnati and almost lost a couple by the skin of their teeth. It's clear now that the team finally has a decent defense to contend with under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and somewhat of an offense with a quarterback that has great potential in Colt McCoy and a hardnosed running back that brings back memories of good old days in Peyton Hillis. Now we need a coach with offensive experience to lead them, and the rumor mill is churning now (link). All the prospects have close ties with Holmgren, which makes it harder to speculate you gets the job.

First up is Mike Holmgren himself. Who better to put on the sidelines than the man who coached one of the greatest QBs to play the game, Brett Favre. This would be a Dick Cheney move in that he would say he searched and deemed himself the best. Holmgren in his tenure with Green Bay and Seattle has won a Super Bowl, been to two more and has numerous playoff appearances and division titles. If anybody can turn this team around, it's him. Whether or not he's up to the challenge is yet to be seen.

Next up is John Fox, the recently released coach of the Carolina Panthers. While having a not so good season this year, he's still a solid candidate, along with being Jake Delhomme's former coach. His connection with Holmgren is that they have the same agent. He also has a Super Bowl win under his belt, so he is another good choice, despite being let go by the Panthers.

Another prospect is Jon Gruden. He is a former assistant under Holmgren. He has been mentioned for a while now, since the loss to Buffalo. Gruden has said he likes television for the time being but hasn't ruled out coming back to the sidelines.

The last one is Marty Mornhinweg. He's the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles. Another solid choice in that he has been working with Michael Vick the past couple years. He played under Holmgren when Holmgren coached at Mornhinweg's high school. While being very far removed compared to the other candidates. We wouldn't know about him until the playoffs are over seeing as the Eagles are playing in the postseason.

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