Saturday, February 19, 2011

The labor movement and America

Our country has reached an important crossroads with the labor protests up in Wisconsin in response to Governor Walker's plans to strip collective bargaining rights from unionized state employees. This plan is outrageous is just part of the right's push to end organized labor in the U.S. And of course the talking heads on the right are vilifying the protestors saying they're nothing but freeloaders working the system. Thankfully labor has a voice on radio and TV in Ed Schultz.

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But of course it's easy for somebody like Limbaugh bash the labor movement. He's able to sit in a nice A/C studio spitting out crap and hate and make millions off it, while being protected under the first amendment guarentee of free speech. It's easy for him to act like a bully because he's behind a microphone and doesn't have to face the people protesting, but I bet he would run away scared the minute he encounters one of the them. But let's not also forget that Rush wasn't able to finish college, failed at being a sportscaster on TV, and had a bout with drug addiction, so he's already pretty messed up anyways. In that video clip above, Rush said that those protestors should earn their benefits. What the hell is he smoking? Firefighters, police officers, teachers, and nurses haven't earned their benefits? They sure as hell deserve them more than the governor does, and without a doubt more than Rush. And apparently Rush hasn't been paying attention anyways, the protestors don't mind having to pay a little for their health care and pention, they only care about their right to collective bargaining.

I'm a future educator and union member, and I stand in solidarity with those protestors in Wisconsin and if it reaches my state, you can bet I will be out there with my fellow teachers protesting the insanity. Our country was built on the back of the working and middle classes, and if you take away our rights, we'll take away your job and vote you out. The right has always spread the fear that a socialist revolution might happen, and little did they know that they're the ones causing it. The workers are rising up against the elite to take back their country, the way it should be.


  1. We have a minimum wage. We have safe working environments. Unions are out-dated.

  2. If that's the case, then why are there unions for professional athletes?