Saturday, July 16, 2011

The birth of a nation: Libyan Repbulic

Last night, CNN reported that the United State has formally recognized the National Transition Council as the sole legitimate government of Libya (Link). Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made the announcement while in Turkey for a meeting of the Libyan Contact Group, a coalition of nations working on the Libyan crisis and a framework for a post-Khadafy world. This is a major step in our relations with the North African country as the civil war rages on and rebel led Libyan Republic continues to fight Khadafy’s forces. Clinton remarked that the rebels have continued to shown their legitimacy with their diplomatic dealings recently and that the United State felt the time was right. Not surprisingly though, Khadafy shot back. "Their decisions, meetings, recognitions and their statements are all under your feet -- trample on them. This is our answer to all the decisions they took against the Libyan people. You in America, Europe, Russia and everywhere, look! Look at the millions. Look at the Libyan people. More than 5 million people carrying the pictures of Khadafy are ready for jihad and for martyrdom." As for the rebels, Khadafy had this to say, "They must abandon their weapons and turn themselves in from Benghazi to Misrata to Zintan. We will not hold anyone who turns in his weapons accountable. If this does not happen, the march of millions will take place." This war will not end anytime soon, especially since Khadafy will fight to the death. This will not be like Tunisia or Egypt where the dictator stepped down after pressure. The rebels will need to make a serious assault on Tripoli in order to win.

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