Saturday, July 3, 2010

GOP Senate candidate wants to drill in Lake Erie

You read it right. GOP Senate candidate Pat Toomey wants to open up Lake Erie for offshore oil and gas drilling ( Has he not been seeing what is going on the Gulf of Mexico? We're facing the worst environmental disaster and oil spill in our country's history and he thinks it's safe to open up the Great Lakes to drilling? Has he lost his mind? An oil spill the magnitutde of the one in the Gulf could destroy Presque Isle State Park, Erie County's biggest tourist attraction. Presque is home to beaches, the best fishing spots in the area, and a wildlife sanctuary home to dozens of different species of native and endangered plants and birds. We lose Presque Isle, our economy goes with it. Businesses that thrive off of visitors at Presque Isle will go out of business. And that's only factoring in the northwest Pennsylvania area. There is also the areas in Ohio, New York, and Canada. It took decades to clean up the Great Lakes, we don't need to go back to that time period. Our country is not in that dire of need for oil to risk destroying the largest collection of fresh water lakes in the country.

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