Monday, July 5, 2010

Greetings and Thoughts on Government

Hello folks, I'm the Devil's Advocate. It is my endeavor to present a fair presentation of events political or otherwise. For political instances, I will not be presenting a Democratic Party perspective, nor will be presenting a Republican Party Perspective. I will endeavor towards accuracy without joining an elite consensus.

It is my position that Government exists not as a necessary evil, but a necessary good. Our government exists to benefit citizens in accomplishing things that we cannot accomplish as individuals. In many ways it is quite effective in such as well. For example the roads that are used for transportation of all. Our military is supposed to exist solely protect our people. The FAA exists so that airplanes do not collide with each other. There are many things that our government does and does well. Though not all things that are done by our government take care of the interests of all citizens.

I will refrain from going further on the negative side of government as that can be its own post though.

It is the goal of a democratically elected government to look after citizens. We have created this government to be bigger than ourselves. Our government exists for defending ourselves; for maintaining the basic infrastructure we use. For keeping our foods and beverages safe from the adulteration of toxins. We also have used our government to help so that when our citizens fall they can pick themselves up more easily.

I shall return to this at another date.

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