Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's time for a Progressive revolution

The Tea Baggers, I mean Tea Partiers, have swept across the country, using the GOP as a way for their voice to become heard and to destroy the country as we know it. They have aligned themselves with corporate interests and have hijacked the political process. Their corporate overlords got them to create fiscal emergencies all in an effort to further benefit the rich SOBs who filled their campaign coffers. This isn't a populist movement like some many try to make you believe. It's greed, taken to the max. They see that the Democrats are on a path to undo everything the Bush administration put in place to benefit them and now they're scared. They saw the popularity of Ron Paul's movement in '08 and decided to latch on to it, but use it to their own advantage. The use the fear tactics so commonly used by the GOP, saying that the Democrats are going to destroy the country with their "socialist" agenda and that if things don't change soon, a revolution might happen. Those fear tactics worked, so we get men like Scott Walker and Tom Corbett running states into the ground. And as we've seen in Wisconsin, that revolution the Tea Party feared would happen is actually happening, not because of Socialist fears but because of GOP idiocy taking away the rights of the working class, the people that make this country great. The working class will take this country back, back to the way it should be.

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