Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama After 26 Months

I am going to make this short and sweet. Mr. President here are a list of promises yet to be fulfilled, and as always, issues that have arisen during your presidency that need resolution:
1) Guantanamo Bay - Still open after 26 months, now considered a necessity by the Obama Administration
2) Iraq - Declared an end to combat operations? Sounds like W. declaring "Mission Accomplished"
3) We are still in Afghanistan. Also the man conveniently referred to as "Gen. Betrayus" by Obama supporters is now in charge of operations.
4) Gasoline prices are up 67% since Obama took office. Where is the policy that was going to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
5) Unemployment over 9%, still. That stimulus has more shovels rusting that ready.
6) The bank bailout was perfect. House are still be foreclosed and banks have been doling out bonuses, not loans
7) GM is still ranked as one of the worst automakers, next to Chrysler by Consumer reports. This was a solid investment for the American taxpayer?
8) What ever happened to kicking someones ass with regards to the Deepwater Horizon spill? The well is capped, and the story disappears, just like deep water drilling.
9) An American friendly mid-east ruler is forced to step down and rightfully so in Egypt. Why so quiet with regards to Libya and a terrorist regime?
10) If The Patriot Act was so bad, why did you re-new it, stating it is a necessity?
11) Why so quiet on the situation in Wisconsin? Aren't Unions your biggest supporters? Should you not go on the record with regards to ease the discontent within the state, or at least bring Democratic representatives back from their paid vacation in Illinois?
It has been over two years, foreign policy is a mess, domestically the nation is stagnant. My personal feeling is we are on a rudderless ship. The man who would be Captain (Obama) does not know how to handle adversity. I am tired of the blame game "Its all the Republicans fault!" or "Give him time!, it took eight years to get us into this mess!" Well President Obama ran on the promise of curing many of the above ailments within his first two years, had the House and Senate votes to do it, but was too afraid to make a decisive decision for fear of public backlash. He got that anyway at the midterm elections. Ours is a nation that needs to move forward. If you are going to say you are going to do something, do it. Don't act like the world is not watch as North Africa is destabilized and you are hosting a 3-on-3 basketball tournament!!

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  1. 1) Gitmo is still open because of backlash concerning where the detainees were going to be placed.
    2) The president actually pulled the majority of troops out of the Iraq and has a time table for the other 50k remaining.
    3) Afghanistan is a lost cause thanks to us losing focus on it when we invaded Iraq.
    4) While gas prices are up, don't forget they were high under Bush also. Plus with the House being under GOP control now, don't look for any crack down on Big Oil.
    5) Unemployment has gone down while jobs are still being created every month.
    6) The bank bailout started under Bush, so don't pin the whole thing on Obama.
    7) Never take Consumer Reports at face value, especially after the Toyota recall debacle. GM has posted a huge profit last quarter and is back on the rise with the Volt leading the EV charge, the Cruze placing 3rd in compact car sales in February, and the company being on the rise. Chrysler is getting their act together too thanks in part to Fiat.
    8) Don't blame the president for Deepwater Horizon being on the back burner right now, the press isn't covering it, doesn't mean nothing is happening.
    9) Libya isn't the same as Egypt as relations have been strained with them. Libya is touchy and the opposition there has already made it clear they don't want direct intervention from the west.
    10) Did you honestly think the GOP House would actually take up a revised Patriot Act?
    11) I have no explanation for the lack of support for the unions in Wisconsin. This bothers me. As for the Wisconsin 14, I stand with them as they are making a statement and have shown that the debate wasn't about fiscal issues but about busting the unions.