Friday, June 3, 2011

Playing politics with disaster relief

By now everyone is familiar with the disaster that unfolded with the terrible tornado that ripped through Jolpin, Missouri over a week ago. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming, that is except from the federal government. Eric Cantor is playing politics with the legislation being put forth for the relief effort in Joplin. He is holding the bill up saying that no federal money can be used for relief unless there is a spending cut to offset it. Seriously? The highest death toll in a single storm, and the relief money is held up for political reasons? Had this been a Democrat proposing this every Republican and Fox News would be calling for his resignation, but since it's a "fiscally responsible" Republican, it's suddenly perfectly OK? Absolutely not! This double standard that has been set up making the Democrats out to be the bad guys but letting the Republicans off without so much as a warning needs to be brought to an end. Cantor needs to resign now, he doesn't deserve to be in Congress.

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