Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say what?! Gun control

Today I am debuting a new segment to the blog, entitled "Say what?!", which will feature something outrageous in politics today that is completely unbelievable but unfortunately true. To kick off this segment, I found a doosy last night while watching The Rachel Maddow Show. Here's the segment in it's entirety:

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That's right, you can be on the terrorist watch list and still be a gun. And when a bill was brought to the floor of the house to close this loop hole, it was defeated on party lines. The Republicans believe that their endorsement by the NRA is more important than keeping guns out of the hands of potential terrorists. It's hard to believe though that the NRA would actually be against this sort of common sense law. Keeping guns out of the wrong hands helps secure the right of others to have their own guns. It would only take one incident for the president to declare marshall law and outlaw all guns. Wouldn't the NRA rather have that kind of security rather than be bullheaded and say "guns for all, no matter who you are." It's nuts if you ask me. This sort of stupidity and bullheadedness is sickening, because it shows how much our country is going downhill fast. We should have learned after the Arizona shooting that we need to keep guns out of the wrong people's hands, but the phrase "gun control" is like poison to the Republicans and NRA. It's time the GOP and NRA grew a brain and realized that something needs to be done before we have another tragedy.

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